Cheap Trench Cover

When Cheap Ain’t Cheerful: a Health & Safety Nightmare

In recent years the trench cover market has seen a rise in cheap composite trench covers. In many ways they look like a typical composite trench cover; they are plastic, yellow and have anti-skid on the surface. However it doesn’t take long for a cheap composite trench cover to look like a health & safety nightmare!

Cheap Trench Cover

Oxford Plastics Trench Covers



This picture shows a Chinese trench cover that has cracked to reveal a gaping hole in the resident’s driveway.



Lucky for this resident, someone quickly came along to replace the defective trench cover with a LowPro 15/10 Driveway Board.



A cheap imitation is just that: an unsuitable mock-up of the original. Oxford composite covers are designed for purpose, like the LowPro 15/10 Driveway Board, or the 12/8 Safe Cover. We test our trench covers over and above the safety requirements to leave our customers feeling full of confidence, instead of full of dread!

Feel confident in your work site; be safe and be compliant with Oxford Plastic’s trench covers.

Street Works UK Awards 2017 LowPro 15/10

Winner of the Street Works Future Award:
LowPro 15/10!

November 15th, the Utility Industry assembled at Westminster for the Street Works UK Awards 2017 (formerly NJUG). The awards celebrate innovation and diligence across the gas, water & electricity sectors. And we are thrilled to have won the Street Works Future Award for the LowPro 15/10: replacement for steel plates in driveways.

The Oxford Plastics LowPro 15/10 overcomes the many issuesStreet Works UK 2017 Award Winner caused by cumbersome steel plates to create safe and easy access for residents to their homes during routine Utility works

Handling methods of steel plates require either HIAB lifting equipment or in some cases mini diggers. Neither was deemed acceptable in the residential environment, with steel plates also being over-engineered for this application.

And so, collaborating with tRIIO & the Oxford Plastics Research & Development Team, we set to work designing a safe and simple solution that would enable residents to access to their homes during Utility work excavations.

The rapid adoption of this innovative solution across the Utilities and construction industry is testimony to its creation. The LowPro 15/10 solves an industry problem that has been around for years, and ties in directly with Street Works UK’s key goals: safetyhigh quality, minimise disruption & innovation.

LowPro 15/10 Trench Cover

Feedback from Users

“At Wales & West Utilities our essential work to respond to gas emergencies, connect new homes and businesses and upgrade the gas network can mean that we have to dig in footpaths and driveways. The Oxford Plastics products we use meet all our needs and removes safety concerns around the use of traditional steel plates. The Oxford LowPro 15/10 is quick and easy to install. It’s a time and money saver; helping us to deliver value for money to our customers while keeping disruption to customers, road users and other members of the community to a minimum.”

Graham Bond

Street Works Manager

Wales & West Utilities Limited

“Balfour Beatty provide the essential infrastructure assets societies need to function, develop and thrive. Our teams operate across the full infrastructure lifecycle and address long-term challenges. We harness innovation to improve safety and minimise this essential work has on local communities and the investment in the Low Pro 15/10 product has helped us to deliver this goal. The product has also been part of the development of the HAUC advice note on the specification and Operational requirements for footway boards, Driveway Boards, Footway Ramps and Road Plates.”

Tom Lambert

General Manager Streetworks

Balfour Beatty Services

End of the road for Lane Rental Schemes?


In the UK we focus a lot of time & energy on keeping traffic flowing around roadworks. Alas, it’s a tale we all know well; the morning commute run amok while you wait for your turn to weave past roadworks, those gloating traffic lights flashing a big red “WAIT” on your way to work…

All of this could be changing soon with the trials of Lane Rental Schemes. The scheme would charge Utility companies for street works repairs during ‘peak times’, meaning less congestion for Jo Public.

However, Street Works UK (formerly NJUG) doesn’t quite see it the same way. NJUG Chief Executive Bob Gallienne said in September of this year: “Lane rental schemes make it harder for Utility companies to deliver vital infrastructure and value for money for consumers while minimising disruption.

Rather, Street Works UK proposes a new initiative to tackle the issue and will be speaking with major Utility companies to discuss how to move forward.

“This consultation is a chance to explore how disruption can be reduced for road users at the same time as minimising the policy burden on Utility companies. NJUG is currently working with a range of stakeholders to develop a Future Strategy for Street Works, setting out a blue print for delivering world class street works.”

LowPro 15/10

LowPro 15/10 Trench Covers


The award-winning LowPro 15/10 Safe Cover has patented Flexi-Edge technology. This driveway board is designed for 3.5 tonne vehicles over a 900mm trench.

Lighter than steel plates

Made of a light and strong composite material, the LowPro is an innovative alternative to steel plates. Lighter than steel plates and stronger than wooden boards, the LowPro is a safe and easy solution.


The anti-slide technology, on the underside and edges of the LowPro, is made from a soft, flexible, rubber material. It grips the surface to reduce unwanted movement. Rubber edges can be replaced to extend the life of your LowPro.

Say goodbye to bolts

The LowPro 15/10 complies with AS3996. It does not need to be bolted into place, reducing installation time.

Safe, simple & strong

This LowPro is a lightweight and easy-to-handle alternative to the steel plate. This trench cover is installed in seconds with an easy 2 person lift, with no need for specialist lifting equipment.


The LowPro 15/10 was awarded the Future Street Works Award by the British Joint Utilities Group in 2017, Street Works UK. This product solves a prevalent issue by providing residents access to their home during utility works.

Oxford Plastics worked alongside major Utilities and contractors throughout the design process of this LowPro, which is now used all over the world.

Features & Advantages

  • Complies with Australian Standard 3996
  • Suitable for 3.5 tonne vehicles over 900mm trench
  • Suitable for pedestrians up to 400kg over 1200mm trench
  • Anti-slip and anti-trip
  • Anti-slide, non-pinned and self-weighted
  • Bolts holes for extra stability
  • Reduces noise pollution and noise complaints
  • Lighter alternative to steel plates
  • Central section made from glass reinforced composite
  • Gas vents and probe hole designed into product
  • Part of the LowPro range
  • Shock Resistant
  • Easy 2 person lift
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK


Product No. 0815
Width 1000mm
Length 1500mm
Height 37mm
Weight 38 kg
Quantity / Pallet 20
Colour Yellow & Black

LowPro 15/10

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SupaGrip SafeKerb Ramp

SupaGrip SafeKerb Wheelchair Ramp


Anti-slide wheelchair ramp and pedestrian kerb ramp for roadworks access.


Grip the Kerb

The SupaGrip SafeKerb Ramp uses Oxford’s patented Flexi-Edge technology to greatly reduce unwanted movement. The anti-slide technology, on the underside and edges of the kerb ramp, is made from a soft, flexible, rubber material which grips the surface reducing unwanted movement. Rubber edges can be replaced to extend the life of your ramp.


Aged Care Access Ramp

The SupaGrip is a disabled access ramp which provides safe access for wheelchairs, pushchairs, motorised wheelchairs, bicycles and foot traffic up to 350kg. The SupaGrip Ramp is commonly used to provide access from kerb to road when the pavement is closed for street works. This kerb ramp is also suitable for access to shops, shopfronts, public buildings and the home.


Safe and compliant sites

The SafeKerb Ramp complies with and exceeds the ‘Disability Discrimination Act’ (DDA) and Australian Standard 1428:1 Design for Access and Mobility.

Features & Advantages

  • Complies with street works & disability codes
  • Adapts to varying kerb or step heights (60mm to 160mm)
  • Anti-slip and hi-vis surface
  • Patented Flexi-Edge technology reduces unwanted movement
  • Stable without bolting
  • Can be bolted for added stability and security
  • Suitable for wheelchairs, pushchairs, mobility scooter, bicycles and foot traffic up to 350kg
  • Compact stacking for easy handling
  • Part of the SafeKerb and LowPro ranges
  • Made from High-density polyethylene (HDPE).
  • 100% recyclable
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK


Product No. 0836
Width 1280mm
Length 760mm
Height 110mm
Weight 10 kg
Quantity / Pallet 30
Colour Yellow & Black

SupaGrip SafeKerb Ramp

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LowPro 15/05 Road Plate

LowPro 15/05 Plastic Road Plates


LowPro 15/05 Road Plate

 This road plate is an alternative to steel and wooden plates. It is a modular system of singular linking units. This grp road plate trench cover is suitable for 44 tonne vehicles over a 700mm trench.

For larger trenches check out the LowPro 23/05 Road Plate.


No need for expensive specialist lifting equipment, the LowPro 15/05 is installed manually with two people.  The EasiLift handlebars slot into the road plate allowing sections to be moved quickly.

Lateral locks

Unlike steel plates, the LowPro road plate range has gravity drop pins in each section. These zinc plated pins will drop into the trench to secure the road plate’s position.

Anti-slide complies with the latest code

The anti-slide technology, on the underside and edges of the Road Plate, is made from a soft, flexible, rubber material which grips the surface reducing unwanted movement. Rubber edges can be replaced to extend the life of your LowPro.

No complaints

The anti-slip surface provides secure access, and hi-vis yellow alerts drivers to reduce their speed. The Road Plate is currently used in highways, street works and utilities sites. The innovative and patented Flexi-Edge reduces noise pollution, making the LowPro 15/05 Road Plate also ideal for residential areas.

The 15/05 LowPro must be bolted down with end sections for carriageway use.

Features & Advantages

  • Suitable for 44 tonne vehicles over a 700mm trench
  • Quieter, long-lasting and lighter alternative to steel plates
  • Reduces noise pollution and noise complaints
  • 2 person installation
  • Drop pins reduce lateral movement
  • Replacement parts are available
  • Part of the LowPro range
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • Patented design



Product No. 0830
Width 500mm
Length 1500mm
Height 75mm
Weight 42 kg
Quantity / Pallet 20
Colour Yellow & Black


Product No. 0814
Width 500mm
Length 1500mm
Height 75mm
Weight 23 kg
Quantity / Pallet 20
Colour Yellow & Black

LowPro 15/05 Road Plate

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SafeGate Barrier Manhole Guard


Hinged, hi-vis and lightweight barrier provides easy access to work sites.

Manhole guard

The SafeGate barrier is designed for manhole works by the telecommunications industry. It is also suitable to use when cleaning or painting is in progress.

Compact and light

This barrier is ideal for one-person jobs. Each gate weighs just 2kg and can fit in small vehicle.

Hinged gates

The SafeGate barrier is made up of hinged gates which you can clip on or clip off. Hinged clips allow fast, simple assembly in 4-way configurations. The integral locking clamp keeps the SafeGate stable when deployed in a straight line.

Features & Advantages

  • A set of 3 or 4 hi-vis, hinged gates
  • Lightweight: each gate weighs just 2kg
  • Easy transport and compact storage
  • Suitable for restricted access sites, such decorating or cleaning work
  • Modular design for various configurations
  • Hinged clips for quick and easy assembly
  • Locking clamp for stability in a straight line
  • Made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • 100% recyclable



Product No. 09737
Width 60mm
Length 2250mm
Height 1000mm
Weight 6 kg
Quantity / Pallet 25
Colour Red/Yellow


Product No. 09738
Width 80mm
Length 3000mm
Height 1000mm
Weight 8 kg
Quantity / Pallet 20
Colour Red/Yellow


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Avalon Barrier

Avalon Plastic Safety Barrier


The most popular pedestrian barrier on the market

The Avalon is our most versatile and popular safety barrier. It is suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor pedestrian applications. Common uses include construction, excavation, street works, events and utilities sites.

Different widths to meet your needs

The Avalon barrier is available in 2m and 1m wide. Avalon pedestrian barriers are available with the standard Avalon linking system or the tube end linking system.

Ballast options for high-winds

For added stability, you can add Oxford Ballast Trays. Our ballast trays ensure your site will be compliant with wind speed regulations wherever you are working.

Spares & Extras

The Avalon barrier is available with spare parts and accessories. This one-stop-shop barrier takes ballast trays, a StrongWall ballast base, stability bars and more ancillary products. See the EXTRAS tab for all the options.

Features & Advantages

  • Single piece, light, blow moulded pedestrian barrier made of high-density polythene (HDPE)
  • Supplied with ClearPath Extra Feet
  • Secure stacking and easy transportation
  • Suitable for uneven ground
  • Adverts, warning signs, contractor information and reflective strips can be fixed to the front and back
  • Made of recycled material and is 100% recyclable
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK


Product No. 0635
Width 40mm
Length 2005mm
Height 1000mm
Weight 11 kg
Quantity / Pallet 50
Colour Orange


Product No. 0634
Width 40mm
Length 1000mm
Height 1000mm
Weight 8.5 kg
Quantity / Pallet 50
Colour Orange


Product No. 0646
Width 40mm
Length 655mm
Height 1000mm
Weight 1.8 kg
Quantity / Pallet 100
Colour Orange

The Avalon is our most versatile plastic barrier and comes with an array of accessories, ancillary products and spares.

We have many ballast weights to protect your barrier line in inclement weather, lamp brackets to improve visibility and offer a range of barrier feet.

ClearPath Extra Barrier Feet

Barrier Feet Spigot

  • Hi-vis, anti-trip barrier feet
  • Ideal for foot traffic
  • Made from 100% recyclable material
  • Length: 645mm
  • Width: 87 mm
  • Height: 205 mm
  • Weight: 2kg
  • Spares available
  • Spigots are replaceable
  • Barrier feet are replaceable

Large Ballast Tray

Small Ballast Tray

  • Ballast Tray clips onto barrier
  • For weights use OxBlock, sandbags or spoil
  • Does not protrude into the workspace
  • Length: 907 mm
  • Width: 365 mm
  • Height: 344 mm
  • Weight: 2.2 kg
  • Ballast Tray clips onto barrier
  • For weights use sandbags or spoil
  • Does not protrude into the workspace
  • Length: 377 mm
  • Width: 307 mm
  • Height: 399 mm
  • Weight: 1 kg

StrongWall Base Ballast

Stabiliser Bar

  • Weighted base
  • Large footprint for barrier stability
  • Length: 940 mm
  • Width: 515 mm
  • Height: 300 mm
  • Weight: 18 kg
  • Extendable stability bar
  • Locks 2 barriers together
  • Added stability
  • Apply horizontally or diagonally across barriers

Lamp Bracket

  • Clips onto barrier
  • Holds lamp supplied by Nissen, Unipart Dorman Traffic Lamps
  • Weighs 74g
  • Order with other products

Avalon Barrier

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